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Psicology and Neuropsicology On-line Therapy

Psicology and Neuropsicology On-line Therapy

First session only 20€

The service of online therapy is a remote delivery and offers a number of interesting advantages compared with traditional therapy.

This service can be offered by WhatsApp (Phone), by Skype (Videoconferencia) or by Email


The Denied Son


Christian Zanón Book

A fable that tells the love story between a prince and his princess and the sudden loss of the fruit of their love.

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Get the book «Fundamentalism» here:





An informative study explaining how fundamentalist theories develop. The psychological keys that teach how a religion can change into radicalism.

Dr. Christian Zanón

Psychologist Psychotherapist Neuropsychologist Researcher Writer

Psychologist Member of Castilla and León (Spain)

N. Collegiate: CL – 3370

Psychotherapy for Children, Adolescents and Adults. Couple Therapy.

Therapy in Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, English.

Christian Zanon is accredited for the exercise of Health Activities and is registered in the Register of Centers, Medical Facilities and Services of the Autonomous Community of Cantabria.

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