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A fable that tells the love story between a prince and his princess and the sudden loss of the fruit of their love. A father afflicted by the pain of an abortion he did not want, but suffered, narrated by a funny character, Irpus «elf writer,»  a vivid fable, the harsh reality of abortion and the difficult path of forgiveness.

The book addresses the issue from the point of view of a parent, but also analyzes, through scientific evidence, the impact of psychological problems in women who have undergone abortion.

The reading the this book represents a metaphoric journey and at the same real time within the World the unconscious. Traversing the world of fear, judgment and guilt, we arrive in the valley of forgiveness, the last step before the returning to life and therefore love. The text wants to offer this possibility to all readers and be a guide for all those who must decide whether to end the life of a pure and blameless creature. (Norma Renda)

Christian Zanón

Cover: Painting by Clario Onesti

The Son Denied · The difficult path of forgiveness

Preface by  S.E.  Sr. Mons. Arrigo Miglio Arzobispo of Cagliari

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